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Ma. Josefina “Joy” Belmonte is the newly elected mayor of Quezon City.  She was vice mayor of Quezon City for the past 9 years, presiding over a City Council, which has been regarded as the Most Outstanding in the Philippines, in accordance with the exemplary standards of the Local Legislative Awards of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

As vice mayor, she was also chairperson of the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC), which has been recognized as one of the most effective nationwide in addressing the problem of illegal drugs.



  • 2019 新泰亨金耀服务有限公司

    2019 Gender and Development (GAD) Local Learning Hubs (LLH) for Quezon City's social hygiene and sundown clinics, and the Quezon City Protection Center. The recognition and certification by the Philippine Commission on Women was given at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on March 8, 2019
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  • 2018 天水台康光服务有限公司

    2018 Most Competitive City in the Philippines | 2018 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) | 2018 First Place, Regional Gawad Kalasag Award for the Best City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council in NCR | 2018 First among all Local Government Units in NCR | 2018 Most Outstanding Sanguniang Panlunsod for Highly Urbanized Cities in the National Capital Region, received by the 20th Quezon City Council from the Department of Interior and Local Government on January 7, 2019, at the Quezon City Hall. The QC Council was honored for its exemplary performance on responsiveness to legislative agenda, easily accessible information on approved resolutions and ordinances, legislative tracking system, capability development training for councilors and their staff, and innovations such as the Batas QC mobile application | 2018 most effective anti-drug abuse advisory group in the Philippines for the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC). Conferred by the Department of the Interior and Local Government for having attained perfect 100 functionality points (ideal/high functionality), during the 1st National Anti-Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) Performance Awards in December 2018
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  • 2017 六库广仁台服务有限公司

    2017 Top Performing Local Government Unit in NCR| Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) | 2017 Quezon City Accounting Department, for being one of 2017 Outstanding Accounting Offices | Most Competitive City in the Philippines | Champion for Best in Government Inter-Operability (G2G) category, and Finalist, for the Seal of Excellence given to private lying-in clinics as the city’s Best in Customer Empowerment entry and rCHITS for its Best in Government Inter-Operability entry | First Runner-up, “Best City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council – Highly Urbanized City Category” | multiple awards from the Department of Health, for exemplary Local Health Systems and Innovations in providing health services to QC constituents | First Place - Best City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (Highly Urbanized City Category) and 2nd Place - Best Government Emergency Management Service (Advanced Urban GEMS category) in the National Capital Region | Apolinario Mabini Award | Mapagkalinga Award | OpenGov Recognition of Excellence Award
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  • 2016 商州捷成汇服务有限公司

    Most Competitive City in the Philippines for Second Consecutive Year | | Most Competitive City in Infrastructure | 2nd Most Competitive City in Government Efficiency | 2nd Most Competitive City in Resiliency | 2nd Most Competitive City in Economic Dynamism
  • 2015 河北省圣万本商贸有限公司

    2015 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California, USA, for its Enhanced Tax Mapping Systems | No. 1 Economically Most Dynamic City in the Highly Urbanized City Category, National Competitiveness Council, 20152015 Kapit-Bisig Award as Outstanding Partner from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • 2014 敦化荣瑞皇机械有限公司

    From GALING POOK FOUNDATION:2014 Galing Pook Award for Outstanding Local Governance programs for its Socialized Housing Program | 2014 Galing Pook Award Outstanding Local Governance programs for its pioneering health clinic for STI/HIV, Klinika Bernardo | The QC-LGU is an ACE Award winner. In previous years, The LGU was cited for its Effective Fiscal Management, the Molave Youth Home, the Transformation of the Payatas Landfill, and the Parks Development. The Award for Continuing Excellence or ACE Award is conferred to an LGU which has at least three Galing Pook- awarded programs From MERALCO | 2014 Luminaries Award for Quezon City’s carbon footprint reduction initiatives and its project with the PANGEA Green Energy Philippines for the waste-to-energy biogas plant in Payatas, as among the best in innovation in environment advocacy | DILG and the National ICT Confederation of the Philiipines: 2nd place, 3rd Egov Awards for Customer Empowerment (G2C category) for QC’s Computarized Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) DILG and the National ICT Confederation of the Philiipines | 2nd place, 3rd eGov Award for Business Empowerment (G2B category) QC’s mobile money real property tax payment program | 2014 Top Developer Award for Quezon City’s socialized housing programs
  • 2013 江西省皇辉新机械有限公司

    From DILG and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines: 3rd place for Government Business Category (G2B) in the eGovernance Awards (2013 Jessie Robredo Awards for Excellence in ICT for Good Governance) | The QC government won the award for its Point-of-Sale (POS) Tax Collection system.
  • 2012 濮阳益中泰商贸有限公司

    Quezon City was among the Top 10 performing Highly Urbanized Cities ranked nationwide on Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) and awarded the Seal of Disaster Preparedness | Certificate of Recognition by the for sustained good performance in the implementation of the Republic Act 9003 through segregation at source, deployment of dedicated units as well as the establishment and operationalization of Materials Recovery Facilities.
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Registered Business
as of December 31, 2018锡林浩特欣公伟贸易有限公司



as of 2015莆田金本公机械有限公司



Population Growth
as of 2015辽源高亨华科技有限公司




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